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[08/15/14] Two years of accumulated photos -- Ariel's school concerts, dance recitals/competitions and her first Prom -- have been added.

[03/24/12] Photos from Ariel's spring band and choir concert has been added.

[02/18/12] Various stuff has been added to Ariel's page and the family page, plus check out the Landmark Center Behind-The-Scenes tour!

[12/14/11] This site is now hosted on a 50x10-megabit business-class cable modem connection now - more than 3x faster than the speeds we've had since 2007. Woohoo!

[09/20/11] The site has been moved off the now nine-year-old box on which it had been running onsince Thanksgiving 2006. It should be a little zippier on newer hardware.

[07/31/11] Continuing the backlog elimination, 2007 photos of Kings Dominion are finally online. This includes the closing weekend of the park and the final operating weekend of Hypersonic XLC, which was removed following the season. That night, a train got stuck on top of the first hill...loaded with passengers.

[07/21/11] Continuing the backlog elimination, 2007 photos of Carowinds are finally online.

[07/17/11] Continuing the backlog elimination, 2007 photos of Dollywood are finally online.

[07/13/11] I've cleared a longstanding backlog of 1,283 photos from 2006 and our honeymoon last October. Check out photos from all over San Francisco, Yosemite National Park and Marin County!

[05/26/11] Photos from the May 22 North Minneapolis tornado that carved a deep scar across my neighborhood (as well as several others) have been added.

[05/14/11] Got caught up on several months of backlog - mostly Ariel's school concerts and plays, the house and the usual family events.

[08/04/10] Ariel had a special birthday weekend in Minneapolis with two of her friends from Wisconsin. Photos are online! Also, check out Chriss' artistic skills during FLOW - The Northside Arts Crawl.

[06/24/10] Photos from Ariel's dance recital on June 19 have been added.

[06/10/10] Photos from Ariel's school Pops Concert on May 25 have been added.

[06/05/10] I've made some upgrades here. This web site was designed many, many moons ago in the era of 800x600 resolution screens, so I've finally chosen to stretch out to 1024x768 -- the tiniest anyone realistically uses any more. Also, I made some minor changes so Firefox users no longer see blue bounding boxes around images that are links. (Safari, my test platform, never exhibited this behavior.) If you see any pages loading in the "old" look or any page elements that look a little wacky, please shoot me an email.

[05/12/10] Ariel's performances in her school band concert and spring play have been posted, plus more house and yard photos.

[12/30/09] Photos from Thanksgiving, Christmas, the Holidazzle parade, and Ariel's band concert have been added, including several photos of my longtime girlfriend Chriss Garlick.

[11/22/09] 122 photos of the Twins sweeping the Kansas City Royals at Kauffman Stadium on August 21-22-23 have been posted.

[11/21/09] Ariel's 6th grade school play performance photos have been added, as have pix of the Hinckley Fire Monument.

[06/22/09] It's dance recital season again! See photos from Ariel's 7th annual performance.

[04/08/09] Ariel got to meet Jason Earles of the wildly popular "Hannah Montana" show at a recent autograph signing. Photos have been posted!

[03/13/09] Some more house and Christmas photos have been added.

[09/07/08] Photos of my "new" 1929 home in Minneapolis have been added.

[06/23/08] Don't panic! There have been delays in posting the Tesla concert pix from St. Paul, the backlogged amusement park photos and the Yosemite pictures because I just bought a house and moved to Minneapolis. I'll be catching up over the next several months.

[03/22/08] Photos of the stunning Dodge Challenger and Shelby Mustang GT500KR from the 2008 Twin Cities Auto Show have been added.

[03/11/08] 338 photos from Tesla's Des Moines concert March 3 have been posted.

[03/09/08] Photos from Tesla's sound check prior to their Des Moines concert March 3 are now online, as is a complete set of pix from Cinder Road's opening set the same night.

[02/28/08] 88 photos from Tesla's sound check prior to their concert at Myth last Friday night are now online.

[02/27/08] 80 photos from Ariel's performance in the lead role of the Mayor in "The Pied Piper of Hamelin", her 4th grade musical, have been posted.

[12/18/07] Photos from my October 2006 day at Six Flags Marine World have been posted.

[12/17/07] Photos from my October 2006 day at Paramount's Great America have been posted.

[12/15/07] Photos from my October 2006 day at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk have been posted.

[12/11/07] Photos from the July 4 Twins-Yankees game at Yankee Stadium are now up. This was a classic matchup - Santana vs. Mussina. I had a great vantage point for the Twins' 6-2 win (their only victory in the series) from the front row of the upper deck along the first base line. It's kind of nostalgic now that Jason Bartlett and Torii Hunter are gone, and possibly Johan Santana and Joe Nathan going next.

[12/09/07] New York City skyline photos (from the top of the Empire State Building and 30 Rockefeller Center in July 2007) are up now.

[12/04/07] More July 2007 New York City odds and ends (Battery Park, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty) have been added.

[12/03/07] Another supplementary photo set from Kennywood (July 2007) has been added, as well as some New York City odds and ends (Roosevelt Island and Times Square) from just a few days later, and several of Ariel at the Statue of Liberty.

[11/27/07] Supplementary photo sets from Lake Compounce, Morey's Piers, Canobie Lake, Funtown USA, and Kings Island (all from July 2007) are now online.

[11/26/07] My August 2006 visit to Six Flags America in the Washington, D.C. area has been added.

[11/25/07] Photos from Ariel's summer amusement park visits to Kennywood, Lake Compounce, the Jersey shore, Canobie Lake, Funtown USA, Cedar Point, Valleyfair and Kings Dominion are online.

[11/22/07] It's mishmash night here. August photos from the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum and September photos from Valleyfair have been added, as have some neat (current!) photos from New York City (Ground Zero, Radio City Music Hall, Rockefeller Center, and St. Patrick's Cathedral) and West Virginia (Kaymoor Mine, Long Point, Hawks Nest State Park and the ever-entertaining Gauley River whitewater rafting). Finally, a few photos from rafting the Chattooga River (yes, the river from Deliverance) have been posted.

[11/19/07] Since it's the end of coaster season, I've resumed processing photo backlog. First on tap: a full shoot from Six Flags Great Adventure.

[08/01/07] Continuing to catch up on backlog - photos from last year's visits to Clementon Park and Morey's Piers, both in New Jersey, have been posted.

[07/30/07] A pile of photos from the June 29 Winger concert in St. Paul have been added.

[06/24/07] Photos from my July 2006 visits to Canobie Lake Park in New Hampshire and Funtown USA in Maine have been posted.

[06/20/07] Tons of great photos shot in July 2006 at Toronto's CN Tower and Montreal's La Ronde amusement park are now online. A page of photos shot from Montreal's Parc Jean-Drapeau / Ile Sainte-Helene have also been added, largely featuring views of downtown and the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

[06/19/07] 218 photos from the mind-blowing two-hour Xcaret night show (the Mexico Spectacular) have been posted.

[06/18/07] Photos from the Chris Caffery - Doro Pesch twin bill at Station 4 have been posted. Doro, the undisputed queen of heavy metal both as lead singer of Warlock and later as a solo artist, still rocks harder than just about anybody. Go see her live!

[06/18/07] Photos from Ariel's dance recital, in which I was a participant during the "Dads-N-Dolls" section, have been added. Also, most of the 2007 photos from Xcaret, the Yucatan's amazing ecological park, have been posted. These are largely different than those from last year, since we primarily visited different areas of the park this time around.

[06/13/07] A big chunk of the photos from Cancun '07 have been posted, including Coba, Aktun Chen, Valladolid, Ek Balam, Perico's restaurant, and a motor vehicle accident!

[06/06/07] All right, I'm getting back in gear now that I'm 11,000 photos (10 months) behind on processing. For now, I'm working backwards, beginning with Memorial Day Weekend photos of Valleyfair's new wooden roller coaster, Renegade. Photos from Ariel's Sunday School Christmas program and our trek to Valleyfair this past Memorial Day Weekend have also been added.

[05/27/07] A few Memorial Day photos of our family's lost love ones (shot at Fort Snelling National Cemetery) have been posted.

[05/04/07] Our ISP switchover is complete! Enjoy the upgraded bandwidth our dual-T1 connection provides.

[11/22/06] No new content, but the web site has moved from the venerable Mac web server software WebSTAR to Apache on Mac OS X Server. This will serve as the foundation for some major changes and upgrades in the months to come, all based on free and open source software. Stay tuned!

[11/15/06] 63 photos of Brent & Heidi's 2-1/2-month-old daughter have been added.

[10/31/06] On top of the 4,000 photos from this summer's roller coaster trip that have yet to be processed, now there are 5,000 more from two weeks in the Bay Area -- San Francisco, the Marin Headlands, Point Reyes, Muir Woods, Yosemite National Park, and three more amusement parks (Paramount's Great America, Six Flags Marine World, and Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk). Needless to say, it'll be a while before I clear a backlog of 9,000 photos. Stay tuned!

[10/30/06] The last batch of pix from Jim's wedding have been added, this time from the pro wedding photographer.

[09/29/06] If it's September, it must be Gauley Season!

[08/14/06] My best friend got MARRIED! Photos from Jim's wedding are now online. UPDATE 08/25/06: 70 more photos have been added from Stu, Doug, and Heidi.

[08/13/06] My Upper Gauley River whitewater rafting adventure has been posted - well, at least the photos I shot. Hopefully there will be some reciprocal photos coming from the crazy cast of characters you'll see.

[08/08/06] I'm back from my biggest vacation in five years. By the numbers: 14 days, 18 states, 2 Canadian provinces, 8 amusement parks (all first time visits for me), 41 roller coasters, 1 Upper Gauley River whitewater rafting adventure in West Virginia, 4600 miles driven, and about 4,000 digital photos shot. Needless to say, it'll be a little while before these photos are up. Soon to come: La Ronde, Canobie Lake Park, Funtown USA, Clementon Park, Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags America, Morey's Piers, downtown Toronto, the CN Tower, and Montreal, including the Jacques Cartier Bridge and Parc Jean-Drapeau.

[07/22/06] The entire Dec. 27, 2005 TSO concert has been posted. 1,620 photos. Nap time!

[07/18/06] Photos from Indiana Beach have been posted, primarily focusing on their fantastic water ski show. Also added is the second round of Mammoth Cave photos, which have been merged in with the first batch.

[07/16/06] It's Ariel's 8th birthday, so it's high time that I posted the photos of Ariel from our June Indiana-Kentucky trip, including Mammoth Cave and Indiana Beach.

[07/14/06] Fourth of July fireworks photos are up, as are downtown skyline shots, both photographed from the High Bridge - the first time I've done that vantage point.

[06/09/06] More progress: 379 photos from the incredible Mayan ruins at Chichén Itzá are up.

[06/07/06] I'm out of control! Nearly 300 photos of sights and attractions at the Xcaret eco-archeological park (south of Cancun) have been posted, including the unparalleled nighttime Mexico Spectacular. Not to put too fine a point on it, but...Xcaret is awesome!

[06/06/06] Yet more cool photos from my March/April vacation in Cancun have been added, including photos of the Royal Islander resort/condo at which I stayed, the beautiful beaches, the Zona Hotelera (Hotel Zone) as it recovers from Hurricane Wilma, and a mind-bogglingly cool underground cenote (sinkhole/swimming hole) out in the Yucatan that must be seen to be believed.

[06/05/06] Photos from Ariel's trip to Cancun back in March and April have been added, especially the amazing Dolphin Experience at Xel-Ha. Also, photos from Holiday World's HoliWood Nights coaster event have been posted, including hundreds of photos of The Voyage roller coaster.

[06/04/06] I've posted photos from Beech Bend Park, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and Ariel's dance recital and soccer practice.

[01/05/06] In case you hadn't noticed, photos from the Chicago Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO East) concert at Allstate Arena were added a couple of weeks ago, as well as several sets of photos of Ariel from throughout December. Photos of Mom, Dad, Brent and Heidi from Christmas are up, too.

[11/20/05] Last year's Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert photos have been reprocessed. Many borderline photos have been eliminated, but more importantly tight crops of individual performers and a few new pix not previously available are now online.

[11/12/05] Pardon the mess, I'm rearranging site content to neaten things up and simplify the site structure. A lot of things have been laid out a certain way since the very beginning, but the volume of content on the site today demands more order!

[11/10/05] Phew! Photos from a mid-August visit to Six Flags Darien Lake are up.

[11/09/05] Catching up on August (finally), photos from Timber Falls Adventure Park in the Wisconsin Dells have been posted.

[11/08/05] Big update! Photos from trips to Silver Dollar City, Celebration City and Valleyfair are now up, as are photos from inside Silver Dollar City's Marvel Cave.

[11/05/05] All of my fall color photography (various state parks and the Mississippi River Valley in the Twin Cities) is now online, as are photos of Ariel from Banning State Park and St. Croix State Park.

[10/31/05] 274 photos from the October 8 Stryper concert at Club 3 Degrees have been added.

[10/28/05] The second half of the Queensryche concert is up.

[10/03/05] The first half of the Queensryche concert at Maplewood's Myth Nightclub is now available. More photos of Ariel have been added, including ones from French Regional Park and Sever's Corn Maze.

[09/13/05] Photos of Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri and the Branson Belle Showboat (and the show!) are now up.

[09/11/05] Photos of Paramount Canada's Wonderland (north of Toronto, Ontario) and its 11 roller coasters are online!

[09/10/05] It's taken yet another holiday weekend to catch up on three months of backlogged photos. Added today: photos of Pittsburgh (mostly PNC Park), 4th of July fireworks and downtown St. Paul, Niagara Falls, and as always lots of shots of Ariel playing ball, going to Girl Scout Day at a minor league ballpark, and a big roller coaster trip across Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. For good measure, some supplemental photos of Miracle Strip Amusement Park, Myrtle Beach Pavilion, and Visionland (from 2004) have been added. 2005 photos from Lakemont Park, Knoebel's, Mt. Olympus, and Martin's Fantasy Island are online now, too. (Phew!)

[05/30/05] Let's hear it for holiday weekends -- the perfect time to catch up on backlogs of photo postings. Added today: photos of downtown Kansas City, and shots of Ariel from March and Memorial Day Weekend.

[04/07/05] A bunch of overcast photos from the St. Paul Winter Carnival have been added, including an ice replica of the State Capitol.

[01/23/05] Nearly 700 photos from 15 distinct photo shoots during my January vacation to Los Angeles and the Palm Springs area are now online. Great stuff - tons of Joshua Tree, the Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, exciting photos of flooding in Rancho Mirage, and much more.

[01/21/05] It's about damn time! 305 Trans-Siberian Orchestra photos from their Dec. 5 concert at St. Paul's Xcel Energy Center have been posted!

[12/26/04] Christmas photos are now up! Check out the Ariel page and the Family page.

[12/23/04] Ariel's Sunday School Christmas program has been added, as well as a photos from my brother Brent's 28th birthday get-together.

[12/22/04] Ariel's 1st grade Christmas program photos are now up.

[11/26/04] Photos of Hersheypark have been added. These were shot in September, and I forgot to add them sooner!

[09/13/04] Photos of Knoebel's Amusement Resort, Elysburg, PA, have been posted.

[09/12/04] Photos of the offbeat Williams Grove Park, located near Mechanicsburg, PA, have been added.

[08/27/04] Photos of Miracle Strip Park in Panama City Beach, FL and Lagoon Park in Farmington, UT have been added, as well as shots from the Park City/Deer Valley area, where I stayed while in Utah.

[08/08/04] Photos of my car and Ariel's October 5, 2003 trip to Sever's Corn Maze have finally been posted, only about a year too late. Also, photos of the apartment I lived in during 2003-04 have been added, along with photos of Ariel during her final visit to that apartment.

[07/01/04] Ariel's T-ball game from June 21 has been added.

[06/27/04] Brent & Heidi's wedding photos are online! Also, check out Ariel's page - she was the flower girl.

[06/07/04] New photos of Ariel from Adventureland Park in Iowa (where she rode her first looping roller coaster), the rest of our trip, her last day of kindergarten, and a visit to the waterpark in Hastings have been posted.

[05/29/04] New photos of Ariel from January, March and May 2004 have been added, including her first hockey tournament and second dance recital.

[01/14/04] The one content page that has gone the longest without an update--my music collection--has been completely overhauled after four more years of music collecting. It's a HUGE page (more than a megabyte), so be patient. This page now includes song ratings for more than 5,000 of the almost 6,000 songs in my collection.

[12/28/03] Christmas pictures of the family and my daughter Ariel are now up.

[12/23/03] A killer series of 265 shots from the Dec. 22 Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert is now available! This is easily the best series in the four years I've photographed their live show.

[12/18/03] Updates, updates, updates!! The Ariel page has three short new series of photos. The family page has been updated with photos of my cousins and their kids. The general photography page has had the rest of the Memorial Day weekend shots (from the cabin on Beaver Dam Lake) posted. A couple photos of my new car have finally been added, too.

[06/30/03] A riotously great series of pictures of Ariel shot June 21 at Joyland Park (Wichita, KS) has been added. Witness the birth of a coaster enthusiast. Also, check the hundreds of Memorial Day weekend photos shot on and around Beaver Dam Lake.

[06/14/03] Oh, boy, the backlog of new material. Check out new pictures of my parents in Cancun, the Twin Cities International Auto Show, several shots from a Twins game at the Metrodome, and a pile of new photos of Ariel sledding, coloring Easter eggs and dancing.

[01/04/03] Catching up on a month-plus of unposted photos, check out the Thanksgiving and Christmas additions to my daughter Ariel's page and an assorted few Christmas photos of family.

[11/23/02] A few quick photos of my daughter Ariel jumping in a pile of leaves and a double-handful of photos of a rare double rainbow have been added.

[11/23/02] Photography of Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Target Center (November 22, 2002) has been added.

[08/05/02] Photography of Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, my brother's latest involvement in community theater, have been added.

[07/11/02] Photography of Joyland, Oceans of Fun and Worlds of Fun has been added. My 3-year-old daughter also went to each of those parks, and you can also see those parks from a child-centered viewpoint here: Joyland ... Oceans of Fun ... Worlds of Fun. With the addition of these photos, there are nearly 9,000 amusement park and roller coaster photos representing 45 parks on this web site!

[07/05/02] Fourth of July fireworks shots (and a few of the Capitol in St. Paul) have been posted.

[07/03/02] Two "summery" series of photos of my daughter from this past weekend have been posted.

[06/23/02] Photos from Holiday World's "Stark Raven Mad" weekend and Michigan's Adventure's "Timbers Fest" weekend have been posted. In addition, supplemental photos from a June 17 visit to Indiana Beach have been added. Also, check out the sightseeing photos from the Grand Haven, MI area -- lighthouse, pier, nighttime fountain, etc.

[06/10/02] Major rearrangement of portions of the site; more logical grouping of content.

[05/09/02] The first roller coaster photos of the season (more than 500) are coming fast and furious. Evidence of my late-April visits to Joyland Park in Wichita, KS and Bell's Amusement Park in Tulsa, OK and late-March visits to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm has been added. On-ride photography of the Joyland Roller Coaster and Bell's Zingo are included in the collection, as are some picturesque sightseeing photos from Los Angeles and the Hollywood Hills!

[03/09/02] Ariel went to her first St. Paul Winter Carnival parade Jan. 26; 22 of the best photos from that event have been posted.

[01/07/02] Catching up on some overdue photo processing, I've posted 17 shots of my daughter visiting Santa on Dec. 1 and 24 shots of her from November. Also, i've added some Thanksgiving photos shot at my parents' house.

[11/23/01] A monster selection of 152 photos from the Nov. 23 Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert at Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis, MN have been added.

[10/24/01] Photos of my daughter from Oct. 14 and Oct. 20-21 have been added. These include Ariel's first experience with a remote-control car, "helping me" rake leaves, and Ariel visiting her 102-year-old great-great-grandmother.

[10/11/01] I have completed Phase One of a comprehensive directory rearrangement behind the scenes of this web site. Also, several aesthetic improvements have been made, particularly to the individual trip photo and trip report pages.

[10/10/01] Photos from my October 6-7 visits to Knoebel's and Lakemont Park have been posted.

[10/09/01] 164 photos from the September 20 Savatage concert in Akron, Ohio have been posted.

[10/02/01] Photos from the sound check before the September 20 Savatage concert in Akron, Ohio have been posted.

[10/01/01] Photos from my September 22-23 visits to Six Flags New England and Lake Compounce have been posted.

[10/01/01] Photos of my daughter at Cedar Lake Park, a day trip destination in New Prague, Minnesota, have been added.

[09/30/01] Photos from the Aftershok concert (an opening gig for Savatage) shot in Akron, Ohio have been posted.

[09/08/01] Photos from my Labor Day Weekend three-park coaster trip through Pennsylvania and Ohio have been posted.

[08/29/01] Photos of the Minnesota State Fair Mighty Midway, the Huey Lewis concert at the Grandstand, and the fireworks following the concert have been posted.

[08/28/01] 75 new photos of my daughter shot this weekend at the Minnesota State Fair are now up.

[08/23/01] New photos have been added to the Friends page. Also, pictures of my daughter Ariel visiting a local drive-in restaurant are now available.

[08/15/01] Nearly 1700 photos from the ten parks I visited during a Southern U.S. roller coaster trip have been posted. In addition, there are photos from Graceland and Myrtle Beach!

[07/25/01] More than 650 photos from the four parks I visited during a Texas-Louisiana roller coaster trip have been posted.

[07/15/01] A hilarious series of 103 photos from my daughter Ariel's visit to a Hastings, MN waterpark have been posted.

[07/10/01] More than 400 shots from this weekend's excursion to Iowa's two amusement parks -- Arnolds Park and Adventureland -- have been posted.

[07/04/01] An interesting (if experimental) series of shots of Fourth of July fireworks and downtown St. Paul have been added.

[07/02/01] A great series of 51 photos of my daughter from this past weekend have been added.

[06/24/01] Trip reports from my June 10 visit to Indiana Beach and my June 16-17 visit to Valleyfair have been posted.

[06/17/01] Photos of my daughter from June 15 at my folks' house and June 16 at Valleyfair have been posted. Also, 155 photos of Valleyfair and its five roller coasters, shot June 16-17, have been posted.

[06/13/01] Photos from my June 9-10 visits to Michigan's Adventure and Indiana Beach amusement parks have been posted.

[06/12/01] Trip reports from Stark Raven Mad at Holiday World and Timbers Fest at Michigan's Adventure have been posted.

[05/24/01] Clearing even more backlog, pictures from my seven-park July 1997 Coaster Quest (Ohio/Pennsylvania/West Virginia/Kentucky; includes sightseeing photos) and Labor Day Weekend 2000 at my friend Jim's grandparents' cabin have been posted.

[05/23/01] Catching up on some backlog, pictures from my July/August 2000 visit to Paramount's Great America and sightseeing around the Bay Area have been posted.

[05/21/01] Some more trip reports from May 12-13 visits to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and Paramount's Kings Island are up.

[05/20/01] Miscellaneous pictures of my parents from March and April 2001 are up.

[05/20/01] 447 pictures from Stark Raven Mad (Holiday World), Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom and Paramount's Kings Island (May 11-13) are up, including on-ride photography of Legend, Raven, and The Beast!

[05/19/01] Some more February and May 2001 pictures of my daughter, Ariel, have been posted. I managed to overlook the February pix earlier.

[05/08/01] 64 pix of the Lakeville Community Theater production of Pirates of Penzance, shot March 2001, have been posted. My brother, Brent, played one of the pirates.

[05/07/01] An incredible series of 195 pix from the Savatage show Saturday, May 5 at The Lab in St. Paul have been posted.

[05/06/01] 34 pictures from the Fates Warning opening gig Saturday, May 5 at The Lab in St. Paul are up.

[05/03/01] Pictures and trip reports from my Kansas-Oklahoma coaster trip are up, including on-ride photos of the Joyland Park Roller Coaster! On a more somber note, photos from the Oklahoma City National Memorial are also up. If you ever have a chance to visit Oklahoma City, this is something not to be missed.

[04/27/01] Well, for the second time in 11 months, I've been let go by an employer. Good ol' WAM!NET cut me in a restructuring plan involving 105 employees. My health insurance runs out in three days and I only received one week of severance. Merry Christmas, eh?

[03/22/01] Trip reports from the three Southern California amusement parks I visited in January 2001 have been posted here.

[03/14/01] Not to be outdone, the rest of the pictures from the Palm Springs trip have been posted!

[03/13/01] Finally, the pictures from the theme parks I visited on my January trip to Southern California are available. Also, pictures of Ariel from January and February have been posted.

[12/9/00] Pictures of my daughter Ariel visiting Santa have been posted here.

[12/3/00] Pictures from and a review of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert at Northrop Auditorium December 3 are posted here.

[11/22/00, updated 11/30/00] Vacation pix from 1986, 1995, 1998, and August 2000 as well as trip reports for the first 5 (of 16) amusement parks I visited in 2000 have been posted. This includes 32 pictures of the since-bulldozed Coney Island Thunderbolt roller coaster...

[6/16/00] I've accepted a position at WAM!NET, an ASP of sorts based in Eagan. At least I'm gainfully employed again.

[5/31/00] Cybernet Systems, my employer, officially went belly up today. Oops. I'll keep you posted as I try to find a place to land.

[12/3/99] Welcome to the all-new home page! It's been six years, but now we're online with our new look. All of the same content is online, but most of it is in neatly organized sections instead of most of the picture content being on one enormous page! Some content has been lobotomized and will be found in a kind of disembodied form for now. These pages will have the design elements of the "new look" soon enough. This site is optimized for viewing on at least a 800x600 (15") display, and really comes into its own at 1024x768 and higher.Questions? Email me!

[10/17/99] I've added my list of the funniest movies of all time and a complete list of roller coasters I've ridden since 1986. Also, my CD list has been updated.

[10/2/99] There is tons of new content online. I spent a weekend with the digital camera (Olympus D-600L) from work, so you can now see pix of my home and surroundings.

[05/05/99] OK, I officially feel old now. Not only am I no longer in the prized 18-25 demographic group, I'm out of the theoretical age range for Real World cast members (not that I even watch the show, it's strictly for illustration), the U.S. music scene sucks (I heard a teenybopper say "who's Bon Jovi?" the other day), and pop queen Britney Spears was born in freaking 1981!!! AAAAAAAAAA!!!

[07/16/98] Just wanted to let everyone know about the birth of my daughter! Ariel was born the afternoon of July 16, 1998 with a full head of hair and an attitude.

[05/27/98] The house is mine, the house is mine! Today I moved in to "Casa Brian", a comfy 2-story Tudor in Brooklyn Park. It was a whirlwind close, a mere 13 days after my initial offer. Woo-hoo! When's the housewarming?

[10/31/95] Started my new job at Cybernet Systems today. Don't bother trying to reach me at any of my old email addresses now (MSA, Apple, etc.) since they're all gone now!