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This is a supplemental photo set. For even more photography of this park, see the main park photography page.

Dive Show

Lazy River

Legend & Walkback

Legend On-Ride

Shooting photos of Legend always presents a problem, since Stark Raven Mad ERTs always seem to start with approaching storm clouds making it dark quite early. I deliberately went ahead and shot one go-round at my usual 1/500 sec. shutter speed, knowing full well I'd have to tweak the photos considerably in post-processing. Working from the original Canon RAW CCD data, I jacked up the levels quite a bit but at least ended up with something usable. The graininess is a by-product of the post-processing. Originals are on the left; tweaked versions are on the right.

View from the front car in the station
Approaching the lift hill
Through-the-railing shot of the first drop/tunnel
First drop
Outbound headchoppers
Spiral drop
Entering the helix
Second part of the helix
Exiting the helix, off to Four Corners
The final curve of the "Four Corners Of Death"

Monsoon Lagoon

Raven & Walkback

SRM Warmup Session in Discovery Institute


Wave Pool