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January 13, 2005: Salton Sea Area

The Salton Sea area is a manmade accident and a unique environmental disaster. Originally formed when a dam breach allowed a lake to form in a low-lying area, the Salton Sea became a popular resort area and a haven for all manner of wildlife. However, without further accumulation of fresh water, the Salton Sea slowly evaporated into the saltwater death pit it is today. Many of its beaches consist today of the sun-bleached bones of fish killed off from the toxic salinity of the water. While considerable efforts have been proposed to resolve the matter, today the area is a virtual ghost town. Entire miles of city blocks once occupied by resorts and hotels now have given way to desert, tumbleweeds and the occasional run-down RV. It's a very weird place to visit. Clearly the area was once flush with development. Now it's a white-trash hellhole. Must be seen to be believed.