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Gauley River Whitewater Rafting

Mason's Branch to Sugar Creek - September 17, 2006


Due to the obvious risk of camera damage, these photos were shot on my old 3-megapixel Canon PowerShot G1 housed in an Ewa-Marine waterproof case. Most photos were shot in shutter-priority mode at 1/500 sec. Photos are presented in order, as shot.

Feel free to use the photos below for any noncommercial use (i.e. anything that doesn't make you money), but please be courteous and include a photo credit (Copyright 2006 Brian Reichow, and link to this site ( If you don't, I will hunt you down and kill you like the dog you are.

Lower Gauley, Sept. 17

11:24AM: Jump Rock & Heading Off To Pipeline/Fuzzy Box of Kittens

Jump Rock and a swimmer's rapid are two of the early fun spots on the Lower Gauley. Here, a few brave souls leap from an undercut ledge.

Photo 1: Rafts wait for jumpers to finish their river-right fun. Photos 2-3: Andy and his crew watch the jumpers. Photo 4: Playboaters love the Lower Gauley. While the rapids may not be as insane as the Upper Gauley, the quality of the holes and playspots is every bit as good. Photo 5: Susan Mitchell and her paddlers get settled. Photo 6: The Lower Gauley easily has the most spectacular views, particularly during fall when all this foliage turns into a burst of color. Photo 7: "Big Richard" Arrington talks with his Team Extreme contingent.

11:55AM: Woods Ferry

Photo 1: Trip leader Jack Lund runs safety for the rafts after his. Photos 2-4: Andy and team successfully run Woods Ferry, pounding through the Elevator Shaft and sliding by Julie's Juicer.

12:02PM: Ender Waves???

Photo 1: Guide Susan Mitchell J-strokes her crew forward. Photos 2-3: Big Richard and Team Extreme line up with the other rafts.

12:14PM: Rapids Below "Walk Your Dog"???

Janine and Yvonne, two other rafters in Tracy "Action" Jackson's raft.

Susan Mitchell's and Big Richard's paddlers chat before the big left turn in the river.

Our video boater, Peyton Love, paddles by on his way to his next shooting location downstream at Backender.

12:41PM: Boat Traffic Approaching Laurel Creek

The ACE Lower Gauley flotilla heads for lunch.

A catamaran boater stops by to say hi. These guys are completely nuts.

1:01-1:50PM: Riverside Lunch Just Above Koontz Flume

Our rafts and Peyton Love's trusty kayak beached at the lunch stop and the view upstream.

17 commercial outfitters, for example this raft from Ultimate, run Gauley River trips.

Nearly every type of watercraft imaginable share the Gauley River every day of the spring, summer and fall.

With lunch settling in everyone's tummies, Susan Mitchell prepares to get her paddlers moving.

1:58PM: Koontz Flume

Here's my raft (I'm in front on the right side of the photos). These three photos were shot by ACE's contracted pro photographers.

2:02PM: Canyon Doors & More

Three shots of the slotted cliffs known as Canyon Doors.

Susan Mitchell and her charges hang out in the eddy above Canyon Doors and Junkyard.

Rafts run the Class III rapids below Junkyard.

4:07PM: Coming Straight Out Of Hell - Pure Screaming Hell, that is

Rafts escape from the gigantic Class IV hole known as Pure Screaming Hell. Susan Mitchell's raft leads the beeline out.

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