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Legend On-Ride Photos

Shooting photos of Legend was a problem, since Stark Raven Mad ERT began just prior to a huge thunderstorm. These photos were taken in twilight at 1/500 second, barely enough light for photography whatsoever. In post-processing I jacked up the levels considerably, working from the original Canon RAW CCD data, and managed to produce something usable. The graininess and lack of color saturation (one photo is entirely black and white) is a by-product of the post-processing. Originals are on the left; tweaked versions are on the right.

View from the station
Leaving the station
Engaging the chain lift
Up the lift
Up the lift
Higher and higher
Cresting the lift hill ("Don't look back!")
Making the wide turn
First drop
Tunnel after the double-up
Heading to the helix
Exiting the helix, heading for "Four Corners"
Headchopper crossing back through the lift hill
Welcome back to the station
Legend "one-room-schoolhouse" station

Legend Walkback Photos



Raven On-Ride Photos

Raven Walkback Photos

Crowds at Stark Raven Mad

Pre-ERT Silliness & Seriousness in the Holiday World Theater